Massage By Bravo

Services & Rates

Massage / Facial Combo

2 hours: $140

60 Minute Massage & 60 Minute Custom Facial

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Massage / Dermaplane Facial Combo

2.5 hours: $165.00

60 Minute Massage & 90 Minute Dermaplane Facial

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Express Massage / Facial Combo

60 minutes: $80

A 30 minute focused massage followed by a 30 minute condensed facial

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60 and 90 Minute Massage Series

60 minutes: $350
90 minutes: $500

Purchase a series of 6 massages for the price of 5!

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Custom Massage

30 minutes: $50
60 minutes: $70
90 minutes: $100

The depth of pressure during this massage is up to you. I am certified in deep tissue and Swedish. You decide what type of massage you are seeking, relaxation or therapeutic/deep tissue!  The benefits are wide-ranging and include relief from aches and pains, decreased stress levels in the body, enhanced mental clarity, improved appearance, and greater flexibility.

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Facial and Dermaplane Series

60 minutes: $425
90 minutes: $550

Purchase a series of 6 facials or dermaplane facials for the price of 5!

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Eminence Facial

60 minutes: $85

Indulge in our full hour, luxurious skin treatment using organic fruit, vegetable, and herbal ingredients. Facial includes skin analysis, deep cleansing, steam, exfoliation, extractions, masque and gentle massage.  Meggie will customize the corrective treatment for your skin type as well as suggest the best Eminence Organic Skin Care products for at-home maintenance.

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Dermaplane Facial

90 minutes: $110

A physical exfoliation treatment using a sterile surgical blade to gently remove all vellus hair (baby hair) on the face.  During this treatment, it will also remove the top most layer of dry dull skin, leaving it looking brighter and softer.  There is no downtime after this facial.  This service includes the full Eminence Facial.

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Arctic Berry Peel

45 minutes: $75

The Arctic Berry Illuminating System is Eminence's newest chemical peel, which is a great option for all skin types, including those with sensitive skin or problem areas.  After just one process, your skin will look more even, bright, firm, clear, and smooth; however longer lasting results will be achieved with a series.  This peel brings forward your skin's natural, inner beauty by using arctic berries, lingonberry seed oil, and hibiscus seed extract.


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Eyelash Tint

30 minutes: $25

Give your lashes instant eye-catching appeal with this lash tint service! Lash tint is a technique that gives your lashes a more noticeable color to make them look longer and thicker.  Lash tinting is a great way to accentuate your eyes' natural beauty without having to deal with constant maintenance or touch-ups.

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Eyebrow Tint

30 minutes: $20

Eyebrow Tinting is a color service that uses a semi-permanent dye to enhance color, shape, and thickness. It lasts on the eyebrow hairs typically between 3-4 weeks depending on the individual.

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Eyebrow Wax - $15

Lip Wax - $10

Nose Wax- $15

Cheek Wax - $15

Chin Wax - $15

Men's Back Wax - $40

Men's Chest/Stomach Wax - $40

Underarm Wax - $20

Women's Bikini Wax - $25

Women's Brazilian Wax - $60

Leg Wax - $50


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Foot Scrub or Hand Scrub Add-On

Foot Scrub or Hand Scrub using Eminence Organic Products


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Tiger Balm Add-On

For deeper, more therapeutic results add Tiger Balm Ultra to your massage! Used only on a specific area, Tiger balm will alleviate soreness and pain.


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